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Broadcast your event to friends & family across the world!  While some people may not be able to attend in person, ensure they're still included by adding a livestream to your event!  With the capability to broadcast to Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, Twitch and so much more we'll meet your needs and ensure all of your friends & family can tune in.  Plus we include a full HD copy of your stream via USB or Google Drive for you to keep and share so the memory is preserved forever.

Live Streaming

Professional HD Streams With Multiple Angles & Personalized Messaging

Live Stream FAQ

How Does it Work?

We come to the venue prior to your event to setup multiple cameras throughout the space. Then, from our computer, we manage which camera shot is being broadcast to the livestream platform of your choosing! All your guests have to do is join the livestream through an internet browser & enjoy the event.

What do you Mean by Personalized Messaging?

Before the day of your event, we'll take the time to personalize your stream. By this we mean that we can add anything you envision to your stream before, after or during. Do you want a slideshow with music playing for the first 15 minutes before the event starts? Would you like a thank you banner or text added at any point during the stream? Whatever you can imagine, we'll help create for you to truly make the stream yours!

How Much Does it Cost?

Our rates vary based on each specific event, as complexity rises our time and resources do to. With that said, we guarantee to provide you an extremely affordable livestreaming option that you won't be able to match somewhere else. Get in touch with us & we'll setup a call to discuss a fixed price for your event.

What Equipment are you Using?

We take advantage of rear Iphone cameras shooting video in 1080p HD, with a stream output of 30fps. We mount each Iphone in discreet locations throughout the venue and hardwire them together to create a network of camera angles, which we control and broadcast from our computer. We also take advantage of clip on microphone packs to wirelessly transmit audio from each important person in your event, so you don't need to worry about audio quality changing as people move throughout the venue.

Will you Charge Me for a Digital Copy?

Absolutely not! Every livestream comes included with a digital copy that you can share with friends, family or use commercially. We automatically record every stream directly onto our computer and will provide you a full HD 1080p copy on USB or via file share over the internet.

How do the Camera Angles Work?

This is dependant on each event & venue. However, we customize our angles to suit what you envision along with what the venue allows, without distracting from the event. In order to avoid latency, each camera is hardwired to our computer using hundreds of feet of data cables. We work with the venue space to discreetly setup each camera and ensure each wire is out of sight for you and your guests.

What if my Venue Doesn't Have Internet?

Not to worry! We can still access the internet and livestream your event, even if you're in a more remote or outdoor setting. Our backup to no internet at a venue is to setup a wireless hotspot using a mobile internet hub.

Can you Just Record my Event Without Streaming?

Definitely! If you don't want the stream broadcasted that's absolutely not a problem. We can still record your event for you using the same setup & simply provide a copy for you afterwards.

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